Thermal imaging cameras designed specifically for clinical use

Meditherm Inc. has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing high performance digital infrared thermal imaging technologies for over two decades. The Meditherm systems are renowned for their build quality and reliability and continue to bring innovative imaging solutions within extensive applications in the clinical and medical market, where they contribute non-invasive physiological findings and results that can be pivotal in many areas of diagnosis, monitoring and research.

Meditherm Inc. is an FDA licensed manufacture of class 1 classified thermal imaging cameras that are 510(k) cleared as adjudicative diagnostic medical devices, specifically designed and built for medical and clinical uses.

Our systems specifications are designed with minimal thermal drift and calibrated to record stable comparative temperatures to 0.01°c with definition of over 307,000 individual temperature measurements in each image. The narrow 8 °c range of detection (relating to physiology) that the specification uses to define clinical significance, combined with thermal detection of close to 100% emissivity of the human body provides the optimum clinical and medical application performance.

Software that’s intuitive and user friendly

Our application specific proprietary software is continually developed and has evolved over the last two decades to make the Meditherm WinTes software the most advanced on the market. It’s simple to use and we don’t have to rely on third party software.


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