IRIS 450 Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging System


The 4th generation IRIS 450 delivers a reliable, high definition Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging System for adjunctive medical or health screening. 

Essential Information

The Meditherm IRIS 450 thermal imaging system is an infrared thermal imaging device designed for viewing and digitally storing thermal images. The complete system package includes the high performance thermal camera, a fully configured laptop and custom imaging software.

This Meditherm System is intended for adjunctive use within medical and clinical applications that have been cleared by the FDA.

The system must not be used as a stand-alone medical, or clinical test and is restricted to adjunctive clinical testing within the user’s healthcare scope of practice. Appropriate use of Meditherm IRIS devices is determined by qualified healthcare professionals based upon their assessment of the patient’s history and symptoms.

Meditherm Thermal Imaging Cameras

Find out more about the IRIS 450 Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging System:


User-friendly interface with simple system controls 


The system produces good quality images with easy protocols


Configured with our WINTES software for optimum results

System Specification
Detector:FPA, uncooled (17 µm x 17 µm)
Spectral range:8 – 14 µm
Optical resolution (IR):380 x 280 pixels
Frame rate:5Hz up to 80 Hz
Thermal sensitivity :40 mK with 29 ° x 22 °, 40 mK with 53 ° x 38 °, 40 mK with 80 ° x 54 °
Temperature measurement sensitivity (NETD):0.01℃
RSS Accuracy:  Absolute temperature – ±2℃ or ±2%
Medical Calibration Accuracy between 20℃ – 30℃: <0.2℃ . Comparative measurement Sensitivity ΔT – 0.01℃
Auto ambient correction:  Standard default continuous/software controllable
Optics:29 ° x 22 ° FOV / f = 12.7 mm or 53 ° x 38 ° FOV / f = 7.7 mm or 80 ° x 54 ° FOV / f = 5 , 7 mm
Temperature range in medical specification:17℃ to 38℃ (scalable via software)
PC interface:
USB 2.0 or 3.0
Ambient temperature:
0℃ to 50℃
Storage temperature:
-40℃ to 70℃
Enclosure size:
55 mm x 150 mm x 250 mm
Shock / vibration:
25G, IEC 68-2-29 / 2G, IEC 68-2-6
Power supply:USB powered. PC, Laptop or Tablet running Windows

1020 g (2lb 4oz)

Relative humidity:20 – 80%, non condensing

WinTES3 camera control and analysis software.

Optional rechargeable power supply (back-up laptop or tablet)


Meditherm IRIS 450

Meditherm stands as the industry leader with the largest network of doctors and technicians worldwide and the longest established infrastructure covering manufacture, marketing and support. All systems benefit from:

  • Advanced detector core technology
  • Suitable for any clinic environment
  • Maintenance free with no consumables
  • Good bottom line profits with minimal investment
  • Extensive network of doctors and technicians worldwide using the service
  • Medical grade and specifically designed and calibrated for optimal use in clinical applications

Meditherm systems deliver:

Time efficient. The system instantly and automatically saves images without intermediate steps. Image manipulation and statistical data are immediately available.

Market leading interpretation service. Deliver a better service with access to the EMI interp service for fast, reliable reports at the lowest fees.

End-to-end solution. All programs, software, hardware, integration, support and training are available to deliver a true, marketing leading, end-to-end service.

Engineered for accuracy. Every pixel on a Meditherm thermograph is an individually referenced measurement for highly accurate readings.

Increase capabilities. Join thousands of clinics worldwide adding Meditherm systems to their services to increase profit margins.

Meditherm Iris 360 Thermal Imaging Camera & Stand
I have been using the Meditherm camera for the last 10 years! 
The ease of picture taking, the training, their support in place for growing your business makes having a Meditherm camera the perfect fit for me. I have a thriving business and I am actually thinking of another Meditherm camera to expand Las Vegas Thermography.

Certified Clinical Thermographer, Las Vegas Thermography, USA

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