I was a retired medical lab technologist and decided to start a business with Thermography after moving to the Midwest and finding a lack of thermography clinics. It seemed to me that the best thing I could do for my clients is to align myself with the best team - Meditherm, EMI and ACCT. I can talk lots about how I benefited from the training and services offered but it is the patient that wins here. Their imaging is done with the best equipment and read by a team of dedicated physicians that don't make them wait very long for results - 2 days! The glowing feedback from the patients about service, confidence and price point is proof that the partnership between myself, EMI, Meditherm and the ACCT is working. Thank you for your dedication.

Pam Ryerse

I am grateful for the opportunity to be associated with Meditherm. The training was thorough, and just a wonderful experience. I have nothing but great things to say, and I am proud to be a part of this organization.

Jeanne Wilson
New Hope Imaging

We are thrilled to be using the Meditherm system in our office. The camera and software are the best, the training and follow up are outstanding, and the customer service is great. Our goal is to give impeccable service, and we can do so through our association with Meditherm.

Hillary Smith, D.C. and Advanced Medical Thermography

"Special thanks from one of my patients who's report clearly showed a suspicious area that led to the diagnosis of a microscopic malignancy".

Ingrid LeVasseur
Windham, ME

When we first encountered the Meditherm system in Spain in 1999 we were immediately impressed with the product and the clinic support system. On our return to the UK in 2000, we purchased our first system and opened our Cambridge clinic. Since then, we have continued to benefit from the support of Meditherm, EMI and the ACCT.

Apart from the high quality of the Cameras, software support, training and seminars, one of the major factors in the acceptance of the Meditherm systems has been the excellent and professional service provided by the EMI reporting service. In the past seven years, the service has continually improved and in many cases, we are able to receive patient reports within hours. Queries are always dealt with swiftly and efficiently by the help desk and tech support.

The professional attitude and commitment to the medical and clinical profession by Meditherm Inc, EMI, ACCT and Compix Inc has ensured our continuing commitment to the Meditherm Mission Statement "to make Thermography available to everyone as a standard of care". We are proud to be a member of the Meditherm 'family'.

Bill & Wendy Bradford
Cambridge, England


I come from a small country in the Caribbean (100,000), where we have good healthcare and medicine is socialized. The patients have prepaid medicine and they are happy with that, but they are very grateful that there is also an “alternative” where they can go to and have a “second” opinion which is affordable. My colleagues that practice complementary medicine are also very happy to make use of the service EMI provides.

We have been working with Meditherm for almost 18 months and we are very satisfied with the service especially in the beginning where we did have a learning curve to deal with. The equipment is completely reliable and the software has been upgraded free of charge twice. We feel we made a very good business deal.

Israel A. Posner MD, anesthesiologist, interventional pain specialist.

En español:

Vengo de un país pequeño en el Caribe (100.000), donde tenemos buen cuido medico y la medicina esta socializado. Los ciudadanos tienen medicina prepagado y son felices con ése, pero son muy agradecidos que hay también un “alternativa” donde pueden ir y buscar “una segunda opinión” que sea pagable. Los colegas que practican la medicina complementaria también están muy felices hacer uso del servicio que de EMI proporciona.

Hemos estado trabajando con Meditherm por casi 18 meses y estamos muy satisfechos con el servicio especialmente en el principio donde teníamos una curva de aprendizaje. El equipo es totalmente confiable y el software ha sido actualizado gratuitamente dos veces. Consideramos que hicimos una buena decisión de negocio.

Israel A. Posner MD, anestesiólogo, especialista del dolor interventional.


Ik kom uit een klein land in het Caribische (100.000), waar de gezondheidszorg goed is en de geneeskunde gesocialiseerd is. De patiënten hebben geneeskunde vooruitbetaald en zij zijn gelukkig met dat, maar zij zijn zeer dankbaar dat er ook een “alternatief“ is waar zij kunnen gaan voor een “second opinion“ die betaalbaar is. De collega's die complementaire geneeskunde uitoefenen zijn zeer gelukkig met de diensten van EMI.

Wij hebben met Meditherm al 8 maanden gewerkt en wij zijn vooral in het begin fase zeer tevreden met hun ondersteuning. De apparatuur is volledig betrouwbaar en de software is tweemaal kosteloos geactualiseerd.

Wij vinden wij goede zaken hebben gedaan met Meditherm

Israël A. Posner MD, anesthesioloog, pijnbestrijder

We have used a Meditherm system for five years and it has made a big impact on our practice.  Patient satisfaction in a rural area is more important than anywhere else due to word-of-mouth referral and this
has been foremost in the growth of our practice.  Our Meditherm camera is the most economic piece of equipment that we own, it has been totally reliable and continues to be used on a daily basis.
J Goldberg MD

Thermography has been a definite adjunct that has changed our Homeopathic Family Practice.
Since proving with Thermography that Homotoxicology detoxes Toxic Breasts I have lectured extensively
around the country demonstrating our techniques. It's a definite practice builder and necessary tool.

Bruce H Shelton MD MD(h) DiHom FBIH
Homeopathic Family Physician

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