The Meditherm med2000™

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging System

New Technology Reducing Costs.

Conventional thermal imaging systems commonly used in industrial applications use complex camera technology. They have to, because they are designed to operate in a wide variety and often hostile, environments where speed is a prerequisite. Unfortunately these requirements come at great cost.

The design of the med2000™ is based on clinical requirements.
It is the only DITI System specifically designed for medical applications.

Why pay tens of thousands of extra dollars for speed and expensive optics you don’t need?

The med2000™ offers accurate measurements at less than half the cost of conventional systems with comparable temperature and spatial resolution. It is simpler, easier-to-use, more durable, and has longer camera calibration intervals. And it delivers the accuracy of the much more expensive systems.

The med2000™ has two parts, the IR camera and a standard PC or laptop computer, making the system very portable. The system has been designed with ease of use in mind ... there are few controls and the software is intuitive and menu driven.

The med2000's high-resolution display (84,000+ individual temperature readings per thermogram) offers a choice of six palettes in full colour, isotherm or gray scale. And image manipulation includes isothermal temperature mapping and point-by-point temperature measurement with a cursor or statistical region of interest. The system can measure temperatures ranging from 10° C - 55° C to an accuracy of 0.01° C. Focus adjustment covers small areas down to 75 x 75mm. Enhanced Software combines the power of the P.C. with the medical capabilities of the med2000.

The med2000™ does more than simply scan and record thermal images. Because the system is PC based, tens of thousands of images can be stored and retrieved for later analysis. The ability to statistically analyse the thermograms at a later date is very important in clinical work. Results are available electronically, which is convenient for patients , referring doctors or other healthcare professionals.

The software features drop-down menu’s for ease of use.

Thermograms produced by the med2000™ are stored as TIFF images, thus permitting access and manipulation with a wide range of off-the-shelf application software. In addition, the thermal imaging software included with the med2000™ not only controls the operation of the IR camera but also provides features including...

Colour scale control
Base temperature control
Display spot temperature
Statistical data for a user defined area
Temperature profiles
Image magnification
Colourmap selection

Because we use PC based software, the system can hold vast amounts of data on thousands of patients.

The med2000™ incorporates all of the necessary criteria required for successful clinical Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI). The medical applications of DITI are extensive, particularly in the fields of Rheumatology, Neurology, Oncology, Physiotherapy and sports medicine. Full, easy to follow operating protocols are included in the package. Meditherm provide free of charge, an ongoing support service with an emphasis on thermogram interpretation.

Medical Monitoring Systems med2000™ thermal imaging system is an economical easy-to-use tool for examining and monitoring patients quickly and accurately.

Improve your practice by
                       Investing in the med2000™ and
                                               See your patients in a different light!
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