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All normal protocols were observed.

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There is a slight pattern of hyperthermia radiating in both upper quadrants of the left breast, however the temperature differentials are not exceptional .

This study is suitable to be archived as a base-line for future comparison.

Recommend re-examination in three months before continuing with annual comparative studies.

Digital Infrared Thermal Images of Breast Area - Meditherm

Breast thermography is a way of monitoring breast health over a period of time. Each normal breast has a particular thermographic pattern that does not change over time, very much like a fingerprint. The purpose of the two initial breast studies is to establish this normal baseline pattern to which all future thermograms are compared. With continued breast health, each thermogram is identical with these initial studies. Any changes developing means that something new is happening within the breast which will call for further investigation.

The ability to interpret initial studies is limited because there are no previous scans for comparison. Sometimes, patterns can be quite complex to the point where we may recommend that mammography or ultrasound be done, in order to reassure us over the time we are establishing your baseline pattern.

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