Applications for DITI in equine practice

Inevitably, minor injuries occur with horses and may lead to more permanent damage if they are ignored or not identified and treated appropriately.

Unfortunately for the horse, some injuries can go undiagnosed or are dificult to identify with current methods of examination.

Multiple injuries, stress sites or referred pain syndromes are often seen in scans which can very often indicate the cause as well as the symptoms of a problem.


Meditherm DITI can provide information about an animals response to treatment as well as the effects of injury, disease or prescribed treatment.

An advantage with the Meditherm DITI is the ability to quickly and easily image the whole horse.

The system was designed and built with a single objective….. to provide sufficient specificity and sensitivity for medical and veterinary diagnostic imaging…. at an economic cost.

Horse was presented with non specific intermittent lameness.

Meditherm DITI showed focal inflammation in the medial left knee.

X-ray revealed a small chip fracture at exactly the location indicated by thermogram.

Slight lameness after a gallop. Meditherm DITI confirmed a localized inflammation at the bottom of the right tendon consistent with an over-reach injury.

Follow up scans indicated when it was safe to resume work.

Difficult to diagnose, uneven gait in front limbs.

Meditherm DITI shows inflammation in the front of the left shoulder.

Treatment to this area quickly resolved the problem.

Pony presented with acute lameness in left foot, "hoof testers" indicated soreness throughout toe region.

Meditherm DITI showed localized inflammation in the sole over the medial toe.

An abscess was drained here.

Horse scanned for suspected sacral problems showed inflammation over four thoracic vertebrae in the wither.

Traced to damaged saddle causing injury.

Racehorse pulled up "sore."

Meditherm DITI detected inflammation over medial sesamoid of left fetlock.

Ultrasound showed some detachment of sesamoidean ligament.

The Meditherm vet2000™ is very portable and can be set up and imaging within a couple of minutes, there is a choice of scanner stand to suit clinic work or ‘out in the field’ barn work. Using a support stand improves the quality of the images and security of the camera, however the scanner can be used hand held.

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