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Meditherm - Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging
Mission Statement: Thermography available to everyone in America as standard of care.
Guiding Principle: To provide the best possible product at an affordable price.

“Know the Company You Do Business With”

Medical Monitoring Systems trading as Meditherm was formed in 1991 in Brisbane Australia, in order to provide thermal imaging services to hospitals and other medical professionals.

It soon became apparent that there were a number of shortcomings in the industrial IR thermographic equipment that was available to us with respect to clinical use, particularly with the software capabilities of image manipulation, storage, retrieval and report writing. Also many features necessary for industrial use, are not needed for clinical applications, thus contributing to the excessively high, and uneconomic (for many medical applications) cost of the equipment.

Meditherm approached the major manufacturers of IR thermography equipment to see if there was interest in modifying their industrial systems to better suit the needs of clinical thermography.

We submitted that by removing unnecessary features to reduce the cost would result in DITI becoming economic to a far greater medical market than at present.

Only one company was prepared to make design modifications and manufacture a camera to the specifications suitable for our system ----

The result is the Meditherm med2000™, a unit that makes clinical thermography an economic reality!

Meditherm is currently active in daily clinical practice and many areas of medical research.

Meditherm provides all levels of support to thermographers from technician upwards.

Meditherm will continue to build on the experience that has been gained over the last twenty years or more that thermography has been developing as a medical modality, by harnessing the experience of our directors, consultants, associates and the pioneers of medical thermography. We believe that we are in a unique position to supply medical thermographic equipment and the necessary clinical backup, support and training to the healthcare industry.

If you have any questions regarding clinical DITI, then please feel free to e-mail us and we will do our best to provide you with whatever assistance we can.


1991- Meditherm formed as a company. Research and development began on an application specific thermography system for medical use due to the limitations of commercially available industrial IR cameras.

1992 - Conducted trials using modified cameras made by NEC, FLIR and AGEMA.

1993 - Contracted with Compix, in Portland, Oregon to manufacture a proto-type camera under licence.

1994 - The first four cameras delivered for clinical use. Trade Mark registration granted for Meditherm and all proprietary materials protected by copyright.

1995 - 1998 - Continued to establish a solid company infrastructure focusing on product support, company personnel training and the development of a clinical market for new generation thermography. Regulatory listing applied for and granted from TGA Australia, FDA USA, and CE in Europe. Over a hundred systems sold.

1999 - International sales increased with Meditherm selling systems in the UK, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Cyprus, Turkey, Romania, Oman.

2001 - Volume of sales justified commencement of regular scheduled monthly training courses. All training courses now conducted under the auspices of the American College of Clinical Thermology Inc. Meditherm forms a strategic alliance with EMI (Electronic Medical Interpretation Inc) to provide a professional online interpretation service that quickly became the world leader in telemedicine.

2002 - Meditherm becomes well established as the market leader in clinical thermography with the largest network of thermography systems installed in the world. Regional offices established in London, Stockholm and Brisbane.

2003 - The SARS epidemic and worldwide demand for suitable IR systems stretched production and our personnel resources to maximum. Technology and software development was fast tracked in order to supply this demand. As a result we released our new product range early. Our flagship Med2000 system was updated with a new detector and USB connection and Meditherm WinTes software was given added features. The new Med2000 IRIS is a full microbolometer FPA with unique stability and accuracy characteristics that bridge the compromise between sensitivity and speed. This system has unique agile possessing and compensation capabilities and was two years in the development and was launched early due to the SARS crisis. Meditherm installed systems in major airports throughout the middle east and Asia. Our systems are also now used in hospitals and clinics in United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, and Saudi. We gained a regional distributor in Malaysia who has been proactive in government contracts and has been working closely with our engineers to provide regional support to our products sold in Asia. Meditherm launched two new software products at ACAM in Las Vegas in December 2003.

2004- Record sales achieved by mid year. New markets opened in Greece and India. Research institutions currently using Meditherm equipment in trials include Duke University, VA Hospital Durham, UCLA, University of SA, Royal Newcastle Hospital, Princes Alexandria Hospital, University of Uppsala.

Meditherm continues to expand in areas of clinical research, technology development
and sales. Meditherm Inc is a privately owned American company that has never carried any debt.

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