Business Opportunities

Opportunities do exist for people with a professional HealthCare background to become certified as clinical thermographers enabling them to practice as independent consultants or gain employment with private practices and hospitals.

Independent consultants are active in clinical applications including : Sports medicine, Occupational medicine, Breast screening, Physiotherapy & Chiropractic, Rheumatology, Neurology, Vascular medicine and the many other applications where digital infrared thermal imaging is used as an adjunctive tool.

ACCT training and certification is conducted monthly in USA and by arrangement in other countries.

Meditherm provides its clients purchasing the med2000™ ongoing technical support, promotional material and practice software.

The support includes access to extensive data bases including patient images and case reports from thermographers and thermologists world wide.

Over 5000 published medical studies (regularly up-dated) involving thermography are available to our clients.

Access to specialist physicians through EMI interpretation service (secure extranet) is critical to the success of a developing thermal imaging practice.

There are no consumables or running costs for the system so the earning potential is excellent.
To download an interactive Microsoft Excel income projection spreadsheet Click Here.

Please contact us for more information and find out if medical thermography is what you are looking for!

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